Nourishing soil

19 Sep

There must be something exceptionally nourishing about the soil in Kenya.  Not for me, although I grew up quite well on that soil.  The plants.  I didn’t know the plants were of abnormally large proportions until we came back to America.

Impatients are normally a fairly tiny shrub that people in the U.S. can plant along the border of their flower gardens.  The impatients at my school, however, grew to be small trees.  The geraniums are also quite large by comparison.

On the left, the pod. On the right, the "caterpillar" after you pinch it.


My favorite thing about impatients is the little seed pods.  Each shiny green pod is chubby in the center and tapers to a skinny end.  I scoured the internet and this picture is the best I could do.  At recess and after school, we would stand around these huge impatients bushes, pick the pods, and give them a little pinch on their fat bellies.  They were so large that they actually made a satisfying little “pop” and then instantly curled into what looked like a caterpillar. This is a miniature version, but you’ll get the idea.


I couldn’t find many pictures for reference, but I did manage to find one.  This huge bed of nasturtiums grew wild at our house in Siapei.  Look at the size of that!  If it didn’t produce such a cheerfully bright flower, I might be afraid it was trying to consume that chubby little toddler.  I don’t remember anyone taking any particular care of it; no fertilizer or daily watering or anything of that nature.  It just grew this huge all on its own.  Again, for reference I scrolled through pictures on the interwebs and found this little example of a normal backyard nasturtium plant here.










As I said at the beginning, there must be something exceptionally nourishing about the soil in Kenya.


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2 responses to “Nourishing soil

  1. Alli

    September 19, 2011 at 7:29 am

    I love that chubby little toddler. 🙂 She looks like Wyatt.

  2. Hannah Levers

    September 19, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Oh, you started…fabulous friend!! Can’t wait to read them all :))


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